Topics & Speakers

General Theme: “The Wound”

Topics and Speakers

“The Great Wound: Man”

Fr. Theodosios Martzouchos. Priest of the Parish of St. John Chrysostom, Holy Metropolis of Nikopoleos and Preveza

Jacob’s wound and the struggle with God

(speaker to be announced)

The wound: the mark of an unfulfilled relationship

Prof. Christos Yiannaras, Professor Emeritus, Pantios University

The wound and martyrdom: wavering between misery and witness

Athanasios N. Papathanasiou, Doctor of Theology, Chief-Editor of the Periodical “Synaxis”

Pastoral thoughts concerning “the wound” within the Orthodox Tradition

Fr. Lambros Kamberidis, Pastor of the parish of Sts. Konstantine and Helen, Montreal Canada, Professor of Theology and Modern Greek Philology at the University of Sherbrooke, Quebec and the University of Montreal

The trauma from an incorrect religious upbringing: children and families at the altar of a faith

Alexis Lappas,Psychiatrist, Psychotherapist for Children, Adolescence and Families; Member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists of Great Britain

The post-surgical wound

Fr. Peter Bistolaridis, Priest, M.D. Priest of the Holy Metropolis of Detroit, General Surgeon, Director of Surgery, Synergy Medical Education Alliance at Central Michigan University College of Medicine, Saginaw, MI, USA

Dora Pappas, Nurse, Head Nurse of the Surgical Clinic of the Department of the Nursing of the University of Athens at the General Oncological Hospital of Kifisia “St. Anargyri”

The meaning of psychological trauma

Athina Marouda-Hatzouli, Psychotherapist, Associate Professor of Psychology, Department of Communications and M.M.E., University of Athens

Gregory Vasiliadis, Psychologist-Psychotherapist

The wounded adolescent – descriptions by worldwide representatives


Fr. George Liagkas, Archdiocese of Australia, Psychiatrist for Children and Adolescents, Sydney, Australia

Participants :

Fr. Chrysanthos Papapostolou (Archdiocese of Athens)

Fr. Chrysostom Tsimpas, (Archdiocese of Great Britain)

Prof. Philip Mamalakis (Holy School of Theology - USA)

Trauma and abuse

The abuse of women

Nantia Bergiannakis, Psychiatrist, Associate Professor of Psychiatry of the University of Athens

The battered child

Dimitrios Anagnostopoulos, Child Psychiatrist, Associate Professor of Child Psychiatry, Medical School of the University of Athens, Vice-President of the European Association of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry; Honorary member of the World Association of Child Psychiatry

The trauma of an adolescent community following a fatal road traffic accident

Danai Papadatou, Professor of Clinical Psychology, School of Nursing of the University of Athens; President of “Merimna” - Association for Care of Children and their Families facing Sickness and Death.

The wound of eros

Chysostomos Stamoulis, Professor of Theology, School of Theology of the University of Thessalonica

Eleni Aggelopoulou-Karagianni, Child-Psychiatrist, Group and Family Psychotherapists, Director of the Therapeutic and Educational Institute “Antistirixi”

Trauma following a national disaster

The trauma of war:

Fr. Bassam Nassif,Assistant Professor of Pastoral Theology and Counseling St. John of Damascus Institute of Theology University of Balamand, Lebanon

The trauma after a terrorist attack

Fr. Angelo Pappas, Holy Metropolis of Atlanta

The trauma of losing one’s birth place

Christina Giannakaki, Balkans Specialist

The wounds of the clergy and the therapist

Metrolopitan Paul of Sisanios and Siatisti

Georgios Papageorgiou, Associate Professor of Surgery, Former Director of the 2nd Surgical Clinic of the Hospital “Evangelismos” of Athens