So… you have decided to become a physician - Dimitrios Linos

So… you have decided to become a physician
Dimitrios Linos

This book, written by an internationally acknowledged pioneer in endocrine surgery, is intended as advice for aspiring medical professionals, in particular for young people from around the world who are hoping to attend one of the great medical schools in the US or the UK, such as Harvard or Oxford. In clear, concise language, Dimitrios Linos explains the steps one needs to take to get into a top medical school, succeed as a resident, and become a board certified doctor. Drawing on his many years of experience, Linos discusses the career paths for practicing physicians, how to avoid burnout, and the importance of finding a work-life balance.

This is an honest, engaging and thoughtful book, written in an encouraging manner from someone who knows personally the struggles and triumphs of being a doctor and who wants to help others become "the best physician in the world."

From the Introduction…

So you’ve decided to become a physician.
Are congratulations in order?
I’m not so sure.

Yes, you’ll know the joy of curing pain; yes, you’ll save lives; yes, your patients and their families will be grateful; and yes, there’ll be times when you’ll feel like a god.

No, you won’t become rich; no, you won’t be a very good parent; no, your sleepless nights at your patient’s bedside will not be appreciated; no, you’ll never really enjoy your holidays.

You may know the triumph of palm branches scattered at you feet as you enter Jerusalem, but you may also know betrayal at the hands of the very patient you benefited. And you may even experience you own crucifixion, with few chances of resurrection.

But at least, since you’ve decided to become a physician, make sure you’re a good one.

The best physician in the world!