Gooseberries - Aton Chekov

Gooseberries - Aton Chekov


Aton Chekov

ISBN: 960-527-955-4

ISBN13: 978-960-527-955-4

Armos Publications

In his top rated short story “Gooseberries”, Aton Chekov describers the alienation in which Man finds himself due to  his ego-centralism  and  lack of care for his fellow human being. Thus, he punishes himself so as not to rejoice in harmonic coexistence, mutual co-creation, and communion with living life.  The hero of this story, Nicolai Ivanits, resembles those  that desire and  pattern their lives according to their “gooseberries” . If their  “gooseberries” are an acquisition of their self-love, love for glory, love for pleasure and love for money, they will then end up as dead persons that have not been buried. In the appendix of this book, Stavros Fotiou interprets the story with great insight.    


(Note:  this book is in Greek

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