Othodox Pastoral Couselling

Othodox Pastoral Couselling



Alexander M. Stavropoulos

ISBN: 978-960-527-696-6

280 Pages

(Greek Text)




The aim of the book “Orthodox Pastoral Counseling” is to study and to establish a structure in which one pastorally counsels modern man within the contexts of Christian anthropology, emphasizing importance of the things that one struggles with in our time: chaos, death, sickness and passions. 

There are no givens in life. Because of this, there is a need to have a true and accurate regard of the factors that are imbedded in tradition and those that are offered by human sciences in order to adapt a stance and to cultivate prototypes that can become effective in any pastoral situation, even in special circumstances that priests, theologians, teachers and Church lay workers are called upon to face. 

The contents of this book represent the effort to search for basic principles and an ethos based on the counseling which has pervaded in the Orthodox tradition throughout time.  The author touches on subjects such as interpersonal relationships, differentness and general social concerns, such as the environment, food and the way modern man expresses love.