Christmas Grief

Christmas Grief

Christmas Grief

Fr. Stavros Kofinas


Harmos Publications

74 pages

ISBN: 978-960-527-619-5

(Greek Text)

During the holiday season we usually create a joyful atmosphere surrounded by lights and noise in an attempt to motivate love and a sense of courage. By doing this we strive to deny the grief and pain that exists in many facets of our lives.

With the arrival of Christmas the hope that something will change in our daily life intensifies, but at that the same time there is a growing fear that in the end our great expectations will not be met.

In this small book the author not only presents the psychological reasons for feeling lonely during the Twelve Days of Christmas, but also examines the fears and actions of modern man during this holiday period. The book approaches the celebration of Christmas from a traditional Orthodox culture, explaining in this way the loneliness and vanity that today’s individual feels being estranged from the basic values of life.

[…] In reality, the fantasized and technological world that we have created around Christmas is man’s effort to create a new world in which he can find the meaning and values which are missing from his life. […]

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