Dismissal Hymn - Kontakion

Dismissal Hymn - Kontakion

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Dismissal Hymn

First Tone. A desert dweller.

O Doctors, by subjecting to God the knowledge of medicine and serving science with acts of love, you gained as com­pensation of your labors, the hundredfold witness of your miraculous healing of the sick. Glory to Him who made you worthy of wonder. Glory to Him who granted you, His grace. Glory to Him who gifted healing to us all.


Third Tone. Of Divine Faith.

In concert with Divine Grace, you proved yourselves Saints among doctors by ad­dressing the needs and wants of the ailing, revealing to the ends of the earth the glory of God. Wherefore, ever fervently intercede be­fore Him that He grant us health and happi­ness.


Plagal of Fourth Tone. Invincible Defender.

Let us worthily honor the Holy Doctors whose lives imitated Christ and brought forth the blossoms of incorruption. Now,  they all rejoice in the courts of Paradise granting the grace of healing to all who cry out, ʺHail, precious assembly.ʺ