NEW YEARS 2014 - Time, The envious and spiteful old man

NEW YEARS 2014 - Time, The envious and spiteful old man


The envious and spiteful old man

Time is something elusive and deep-down incomprehensible. Our mind and our heart feel it from the changes that take place in the world. Some changes can take place very fast, from one day to the next, such as a person’s deformity caused by illness or sudden death which, in one moment, makes man an unrecognizable   carcass. We feel time more intensely from wear and from old age, where the young and the old creatures change; and we often realize this change in a harsh way. We come to feel it from the newness of the world, but more so from decay, which we feel even more so because we are in pain and pain is deeper than joy.

For this reason do we stand surrounded by fear in front of the new year, before the artificial separation that we humans set up in the sea of time, as if each day is not a new beginning. In this never- ending ocean there is neither an island nor a shore on which to dock. Currents, day and night, drag your boat and they take it further on, whether you want it or not, until they throw you upon dry land, or take you to a port from where you shall never leave again.             

Foti Kontoglou
“Evlogemeno Katafygio”
p. 248-249
Akritas Pubilications