November 1, 2015 - Medical Science

November 1, 2015

Medical Science

Medical science can lead man to autonomoy, to self-restraint or to mortality, but it can also show man the horizons towards the transcendence of death and the direction towards the life that truly is.  In order for the latter to be actualized, it is necessary for medicine as a science and doctors as persons to understand that man is not merely genes; in other words, he is not just a biological entity. Moreover there should be an awareness that pain and sickness need not be considered as only tribulations and sufferings that dominate and overpower man; they can offer possibilities that can function as something positive toward one’s fulfillment. Indeed medical science can serve the social and the ecclesiastical aspect of health. This can happen when it is implemented according to the Gospel and when decisions regarding crucial issues related to life and death are undertaken conjointly with life and the existence of all that are united with the patient within communion of the Body of Christ. Even if there are persons that do not utilize and do not serve the medical profession correctly, that does not mean we should avoid any of the advantages and relief that is derived from it. Besides, as St. Basil points out, the proper use and practice of medicine by conscientious doctors can control and divert the violations and the deviation of others.

Anestis Kaselopoulos
From the book: Theapian Prosagondes-
An introduction in Pastoral Health Care