January 19, 2014 - We should not think that Christ will not heal us

January 19, 2014
St. Macarios the Egyptian

We should not think that Christ will not heal us

St.  Macarios  said:

“Let us take care to come close to Him with a true heart, without losing hope for our salvation. For hopelessness is the comfort of evil, and in making man have his recollections focused on his sins, he guides him to despair and to remain in a stupor, in neglect and in laziness, so that he cannot return and come close to the Lord and succeed in his salvation due to the great love the Lord has for the human race.” 

St. Macarios continues to say that we should not think that Christ will not heal us. Christ “healed the paralytic, cured each illness, raised the dead which had already reached the point of decay and disappearance. He made the deaf to hear, He took out from a man a whole legion of demons and He made prudent the one who had in him a great derangement. How much so a soul that returns to Him and asks mercy from Him and supplicates for His help. Will He not help him come close to Him and will He not give him the delight of apathy, the state in which he has every virtue and the renewal of the mind? Will He not change [the soul] to a healthy condition, to the recovery of an insightful intellect and to honest thoughts, moving it away from the state of blindness, of deafness and of death, of faithlessness, of unknowing and of lack of fear of God, thus bringing it to a state where it will function with prudence in virtue and in which it has a clean heart? For He who created the body, He too created the soul. Therefore, when He came to earth He, as the good and only doctor, helped those with His goodness in multiple ways that came close to Him and who asked for help. So too, in the same manner, will He give His help for spiritual matters as well.“    

Spiritual Homily 4