March 2, 2014 - Sunday of Forgiveness

March 2, 2014

Sunday of Forgiveness

We are living in a “post-puritanical” age where, in our efforts to shake off the guilt that was created from a sickly religious (non-ecclesiastical) upbringing, we eliminated all sense of consciousness and, together with this, all sense of shame, bringing us to complete nihilism. The values that are based on the transcendence of the individual for the sake of the Other, which are mandatory for the constitution and harmony of society and the development of the personality of each person, appear to be archaic. Forgiveness is something unnecessary. Thus, there is no room for the other to co-exist within us and, because of this, each one is left to remain secluded in his or her loneliness. In addition to this, the nihilism of today, expressed by “public opinion”, annuls all joy and every personal creative effort. What makes today’s nihilism so frightening is that, with the acceptance of this nihilism, “public opinion” fully accepts and compromises itself with death as the final destination of human existence, therefore eliminating the prospect of eternity.