May 5, 2019 - “Enter all, therefore, into the joy of our Lord”

May 5, 2019 - “Enter all, therefore, into the joy of our Lord”

May 5, 2019
Sunday of St. Thomas

Christ is Risen!
“Enter all, therefore, into the joy of our Lord”

In order to enter “into the joy of the Lord”, we have to seek the Resurrected Lord, to have the desire to want to see Him and to come to know Him within a “good unbelief”, an unbelief that comes from the paradoxes and antitheses in our lives.

This search requires courage and honesty, patience and persistence which are based on the expectation that we will see Christ. It requires a different logic and strength from that of this world; a trust in Him who is unknown and a stranger to us, yet someone that is familiar and approachable.

The angel at the Tomb tells us that we will meet the Lord in Galilee – in another reality from that in which we live. We will meet Him in the upper room, there where we reside in prayer, where the doors are shut so as not to hear the noise of this world; in sickness, in prisons, when we are estranged from our homeland, in the difficulties and hardships of our daily life. Primarily, we will meet and come to know Him when we offer our entire self in thanksgiving to Him, who submitted Himself to the will of the Father and was crucified for us and for the salvation of the world.

And when we meet Him, He will reveal to us the love of the Father and the awareness of the Holy Spirit. He will regenerate us with the grace of God and will resurrect us as new beings, and each one of us will be a shining candle that transmits the light and joy of the Lord.