April 7, 2019 - The sick person’s faith that heals

April 7, 2019

The sick person’s faith that heals

“I have seen a sick person who, by his faith, cleansed the ailment of another sick person. He succeeded in doing so by beseeching God through praiseworthy shamelessness and by sacrificing his soul with a humble spirit for the sake of the other.  After healing the other, he too was healed. Likewise, I also knew another person who proudly tried to so the same, but he was reprimanded by God who told him ‘doctor heal yourself’ (Luke 4:23).     

Again, there was another person who gave up his whole self so as to be dishonored for the sake of his brother. Even though he appeared to others to be a sinner and a lover of pleasure, in reality he was ‘a deceiver and yet a true person’ (2 Cor. 6:8).

My beloved, one will be reprimanded if one has words that can help one’s brother or sister and does not express them. Those who have the ability to fervently help the hard-stricken and weary and do not do so are in great danger.  

Being that you were saved by God, rescue those that are threatened by those murderous demons that bring on death. This is God’s greatest triumph, higher than any other human or angelic activity and theory.”

St. John of Sinai
Discourse to the Shepherd 73-77