February 8, 2015 - The freedom that is found in the love of the Father

February 8, 2015

The freedom that is found in the love of the Father

Someone who feels completely “at home” in this world, who has never experienced the pain and the nostalgia for something other than his or her present reality, cannot fully understand himself or herself, their distance from God, and, in turn, what the meaning of repentance is. In order for us to “leave” this world, we have to have the deep conviction that the Father is waiting for us in His house; there where we can hear the voice of the Lord that says “You are my beloved; in you I am well pleased”. We must discipline our self so as to transcend the chronic grievance that we have concerning our unfulfilled desires, together with our hopelessness and ungratefulness. We must obtain trust in the Father, that He will care for us and will fulfill our requests according to our best interest, granting us in this world the knowledge of His truth and eternal life in the world to come. In addition to this, this trustful and Eucharistic stance in relation to life and to the Father requires that we have the boldness and courage to take the risk and flee from our conveniences – that is, to be free. We must not have the need to control everything and everyone in our life; to not demand love because we love; not to expect that others will invite us to their home because we have invited them to ours; that one will support us because we support him; that one will forgive us because we forgive him. Finally, we must allow the Father to love us the way He wants to love us.