January 10, 2022 - So what is time?

January 10, 2022 - So what is time?

January 10, 2022

So what is time?

The anvil on which faith and love are pounded in such a way so that they will endure! Without the trial of fire (e.g. personal health issues, COVID, difficulties, deaths, “tragedies”) faith remains a faint ideology and love a selfish desire with many peaks and troughs! Of course, a faith that is not questioned is a dead faith! And pseudo-idealistic love does not exist. For there is not a love in human life that does not entail shortcomings and contradictions.

So, looking at the year that passed, or rather, during this year, let us look at the shortcomings of our faith and the denials of our love. Let us rekindle our relationship with Christ, having clarified that:  

  1. The most important thing is not if you fall, but how fast you get up!
  2. The start of rectification and a return to health is learning to understand the contradictions in our own life, our mistakes and our failures; not by battering ourselves in a self-centered fashion, but to do so under the light of the teaching that Christ loves us, not because we are supposedly good, but because He is good.

“Peter’s weeping does not declare the end of a love but the rejuvenation of love after the fall”. By realizing our weaknesses let us build the foundation of our faith and love.

“Lord, permit me to have this year as well” (Luke 13:8”)

Fr. Theodosios Martzouhos
Preveza, 2022