March 13, 2019 - The medicine of immortality

March 13, 2019

The medicine of immortality

Man comes from dust and returns to dust. He has immortality only as long as he participates in God’s eternal love; separation from His eternal love leaves man estranged from the Spring of Life. He is left alone to face his finite nature and death. Thus death takes on the power; it overcomes Man’s existence in the horror of death. This anxiety penetrates all levels of human existence on a conscious and unconscious level. It is always present even though one is not aware of it.

Death is conquered only by participation in the eternal.  During Great Lent we are invited to receive the “medicine of immortality”, to participate in God’s eternal crucifying love. Thus, our fasting and prayers are not a mere religious obligation. They are a “medicine” which heals us through repentance and allows us to offer ourselves to Him in thanksgiving and to participate in His love. In this way, the fears of this life and the horror of death are overcome, the enemies which threaten our existence and our loving relationships are scattered and the joy of the Resurrection and eternity reign throughout our entire beings.