March 16, 2014 - The repenter has need of help

March 16, 2014
Sunday of St. Gregory of Palamas

The repenter has need of help

“Man, who repents with his soul through good intention, abstaining from sin, approaches God. Yet, because of his bad habits and superstitious thoughts that tyrannize his mind, he is still at a great distance from God. If he is to be saved, it is necessary for great help to come from above. For this reason, the merciful father condescended and fore-greeted [the prodigal], embraced him and kissed him…. After that, he ordered that a fatted calf be brought and slaughtered to be served at the table. The calf is the Lord Himself, who comes from the hidden parts of the Diety and from the throne that is found higher than all. When He appears as man upon the earth, He is offered as a fatted calf for the sake of our sinfulness, in other words as bread, and is served to us as food.”

St. Gregory of Palamas