October 18, 2016 - Do not allow your self to slumber!

October 18, 2016 - Do not allow your self to slumber!

October 18, 2016

Do not allow your self to slumber!

There is no type of alienation from one’s natural condition that is permanent. The possibility that things can revert for the better comes when a person becomes terrified with the unnatural and absurdness of his or her fallen condition.  Then one will realize that there is not a single causality that imposes alienation… Thus, Man does have to wait to get permission to live. “And again, wait for the sake of what? Wait till there's no strength to live? And meanwhile one must live, and one wants to live!”

Man is obligated to struggle against any kind of misfortune; against every aversion to or alienation from the true meaning of eros and work, political life and the economy, education and recreation.  One is obligated to struggle in order to offer to others, here and now and as much as possible, according to the various situations and experiences of authentic life. Man is obligated to battle to limit evil and to increase the good. "Don't be calm and contented; do not allow your self to slumber! While you are young, strong, confident, be not weary in well-doing! There is no happiness [in the secular sense], and there ought not to be; if there is a meaning and an object in life, that meaning and object is not our happiness, but something greater and more rational. Do good!"

Stavrvos Fotiou
“Existential lull: the small Man and his small conscience” 
Appendix to the book “Gooseberries” by Anton Chekhov,
Harmos Publications
(Greek text)