November 18, 2012 - The misfortune of pain and the joy of life

November 18, 2012

 The misfortune of pain and the joy of life

 In a strange way, the misfortune of pain and sickness hides an immense happiness which, if it is discovered, will fill our lives with joy.  Also death, which is unbearable and violent and which appears to be “the end”, in reality, hides an immense greatness concerning life, which refers to the beginning and not to the end, particularly to the beginning of a renewed life. So, in speaking about death, it is more correct for us to speak of “the mystery of death”. Also, in relation to pain and illness, it is better to speak about “the mystery of pain”.  

 Fr. Makarios Griniezakis

From his presentation “On Suffering and Death”
2nd Patriarchal Conference in Rhodes October 2012