October 21, 2012 - If we want to understand death

October 21, 2012

 If we want to understand death

 But we should know that, in order to be crucified with the other, it is necessary for each of us to crucify our individual-centered self and to examine how each of us reacts to death. If we want to “understand” death and the dying, it is not enough to say that everyone will die, but that “I am going to die”.  Tolstoy wrote that “if someone has learned to think, regardless of what it is that he thinks about, he will always think of his own death”. It is only in this way that he will be able to discover truth. And Tolstoy asks: “and what truth can exist if death exists?” For this reason, the Great Anthony says “when death is understood by men, it is eternity. The ignorant (unlearned) do not understand it, thus, for them, it is death.

 Fr. Stavros Kofinas

From his introductory remarks at the onset of the 2nd Conference of Rhodes