November 25, 2017 - Coordinator of the Patriarchal Network Meets with Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew

November 25, 2017

Coordinator of the Patriarchal Network Meets
with Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew

On Sunday November 19, 2017, His All-Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew received in audience the Coordinator of the Network of the Ecumenical Patriarchate for Pastoral Health Care, Protopresbyter Stavros Kofinas. The audience took place at the Phanar following the Divine Liturgy   celebrated at the newly renovated Church of St. George of Edirnekapi. At the beginning of the meeting, the Coordinator presented His All Holiness with a handmade plaque of the Patriarchal Network’s new logos. Following this, the Coordinator informed the Patriarch regarding the proceedings of the recent Conference that took place in Rhodes.  His All-Holiness elatedly expressed his congratulations and satisfaction regarding the success of the Conference and the progress that has been made in the development of the Patriarchal Network. He stressed how significant it is for the Ecumenical Throne and the Church at large to have all those who minister and care for the sick to be united together in a network of cooperation and solidarity.

During the meeting, reference was made to the future activities of the Patriarchal Network. Fr. Stavros informed His All-Holiness that the representatives of the Metropolises committed themselves: 1) to do everything possible to improve their ministry to the sick; 2) to show support to medical and health care providers; 3) to bear witness to the fact that the Venerable Throne of the Mother Church is vigilantly concerned about the spiritual care of the sick; 4) to help in the further development of the Patriarchal Network. What was also stressed was the need to create more opportunities for clergy to further their knowledge in the practice of pastoral care to the sick and their social and family environment. Furthermore, there is a need for everyone to work together in developing and strengthening the relations between the clergy, doctors and health care professionals. Recognizing that there is a need to support each healer in his and her efforts to save lives, the Patriarch encouraged the Patriarchal Network to work together with the Eparchates of the Throne and other Churches so as to create opportunities for this to be achieved.   

His All-Holiness requested Fr. Kofinas to relay his greetings and thanks to all those that took part in the 4th Conference, especially all those that worked hard and actively contributed in its successful organization and completion. He informed Fr. Stavros that he will present the Conference Report to the members of the Holy and Sacred Synod the Ecumenical Throne during its upcoming meeting that will take place at the Phanar the end of November.