CHRISTMAS 2014 - Our difficulties will pass

CHRISTMAS 2014 - Our difficulties will pass

Our difficulties will pass

Perhaps n these days of crisis the mystery of Christmas, which is the “Godmaking” of man  according to Grace, sounds strange to our ears. In these days, where everything is disputed and negated, one asks: where is Christ the true God for the believers? It is of great and exceptional importance for us to understand, dear brethren, that “those things that are here are temporal, those that are there are eternal”. That which is eternal has come and is with us!  He is called Emmanuel, the Incarnate God.    

Struggling daily with the things that are temporal, let us not forget that Christ came and saved us, guiding us to eternity and that “our citizenship is in the heavens”.

Whatever difficulties we have as persons, as families, as communities, as a sovereign power, as a Church, the main thing is not to ever forget that as Christians “we do not consider the city that we live in here as ours, but we seek the future one”.

The difficulties will pass. Let us be patient. In the Church we have the Body and the Blood of the God-Man. There, “the many are one body”. There, patience becomes a contest and a lesson. Be assured that the difficulties will pass, but CHRIST remains forever. Therefore my brethren, have hope and faith in Christ the Savior.”

Bartholomew I
Metropolitan of Megara and Salamis (+2014)