April 27, 2014 - “Blessed are those that do not see and yet believe”

April 27, 2014
Sunday of St. Thomas

“Blessed are those that do not see and yet believe”

Being that we live with many doubts concerning our relationship with God and our relationships with our fellowmen, we believe that in order to enter a living relationship with the other, it necessary to first touch the other’s “print of the nails”. In other words, we feel that we must touch the marks of the other’s misfortunes, the place where the other hurts. We feel that only in this way can we acquire trust and that the other will also be able to understand our wounds. The question is, can we in turn allow the other to see and touch our wounds? Can we reveal our sins and weaknesses to the other? Could it be that we desire to have a relationship of trust without taking this risk? Could it be that our relationships fail because we do not take this risk? At the end, could it be that we fear to touch the other so that the other does not touch us?

Christ, as the knower of our heart, recognizes our apprehension and our faithlessness and He allows us to touch “the print of the nails” and to put our hand into His side so as to come to know the immense and endless love He has for us. But in doing so, He also shows us that we must look at the marks of our own misfortunes and sins and allow Him not only to touch us, but to heal us through the grace of the Holy Spirit.

“Blessed are those that do not see and yet believe” (Jn.20:28). Blessed are those that can cultivate a living relationship of trust with the other and one’s self without the need to “test” the relationship out of fear and doubt. Blessed are those that can live and love freely within the grace of God.