October 28, 2018 - The mystery of life

October 28, 2018 - The mystery of life

October 28, 2018

The mystery of life

The mystery of life is not a problem or an enigma that has to be explained with intellectual criteria or with scientific methods. It is a lived reality.

If the primary and highest mystery of life is Christ, then, to become participants in this mystery, Christ must be the center of our life. We will need to recognize how He exists in all aspects of our daily life: in joy and in sorrow; in health and in sickness; in pleasure and in pain; in hope and in disappointment; in companionship and in loneliness.

The Lord comes in meekness and humility. He appears imperceptibly and silently, as if He is hiding from us and does not want to be seen.

In order to come to know the Resurrected Christ, the King of Glory, it is not possible to avoid living His Cross as a life experience. If we want to discover where the Lord is, we will need to look straight into our brother’s eyes that are full of pain. In addition to this, we will have to look deep into our heart, which is wounded by passions and sins, and to come to know that, in spite of this, He lives in each one of us. Finally, we will have to remain in silence as prayerful beings and in the Eucharist, in thanksgiving.  

For the Lord is there.