June 30, 2013 - What is our mission in complex and divided world?

June 30, 2013

Feast of the Holy Apostles

What is our mission in complex and divided world?

The Feast of the Holy Apostles brings us before a critical question: what is our mission as Christians in this extremely complex and divided world? It is a fact that there pervades a division amongst us in answering this question. We must admit that this division is the major cause for the difficulties that exist within the bosom of the Church.

Today, there is confusion amongst us Orthodox, in relation to the way we express our theological thought, how such thought can be identified or not to an Orthodox ethos and how both (thought and Orthodox ethos) find their expression in pastoral activity.

When such confusion becomes part of a greater confusion of ideas and beliefs of our present society, then the crisis of our identity as Orthodox Christians is magnified and we risk losing our ability to offer the saving cure inherent in life of Divine Grace, which is expressed within the joyful message of the Resurrection and Eternal Life.