September 30, 2012 - The ecclesiastical community does not just “stand - by"

September 30, 2012

The ecclesiastical community does  not just “stand - by”

Knowing the difficulties that are developing in relation to the care of a person that is in the last stage of life and the super-human efforts which are  being taken by committed professionals who serve in the area of Health, we (as pastors) are obligated to work together with the services and those that care for the sufferer, proclaiming, in this way, the love of Christ. Such a pastoral approach [to suffering] does not limit itself to the development to programs that promote “social action”. It expresses something more basic: that the ecclesiastical community and each of its members do not just “stand - by” the other. He and she co-exists (“lives with”- “ Σ υ ν - β ι ώ ν ε ι ) the tribulation of the other, is crucified with the other  (σ υ σ τ α υ ρ ώ ν ε τ α ι ) with the other, just as Christ is crucified for us. Each of us are crucified with Christ and together with Him is resurrected. 

Fr. Stavros Kofinas
From his introductory remarks at the onset of the 2nd Conference of