New Year's Day 2020 - Time - The King of Eternity

New Year's Day 2020

Time – The King of Eternity

Let us celebrate the Good, as that which truly is,
Giver of existence to all beings.

He who is [the God who exists],
is, through the power His nature,
the superessential sustaining Cause of all beings.

He is the Creator of being,
existence, subsistence, essence, nature;
beginning and measure of eternity;
The Being of all times.

He is the personification of time of all things that become;
the being of every type of being;
the birth of things howsoever born.

He, Who Is, is the origin of eternity,
the essence, the being, the time, the generation, and that which is born;
the reality of things that are,
and things howsoever existing and subsisting...

Wherefore, He is also called “King of eternity”,
since in Him and around Him, all beings exist and are sustained,
even though He neither was, nor will be, nor became, nor becomes, nor will become.
For He does not exist in time.

For He is the “to be” for all things that exist;
not only the things that exist, but also the very being of things that are, which have originated from that which existed from before the ages.
For He is the Eternity of eternities, which exists before the ages.

“The Divine Names”, Chapter 5
St. Dionysius the Areopagite