October 7, 2012 - “Remember us all Lord our God”

October 7, 2012 - “Remember us all Lord our God”

October 7, 2012

“Remember us all Lord our God”

“In our Church, we constantly pray: “remember us oh Lord in Your Kingdom”. As people lose their cognitive capacities in our hyper-cognitive society and their motor abilities in a fast transit world, they tend to be shunted to the periphery, to have their very "human-hood" questioned, certainly to be treated with less than the full dignity that we have seen our Faith ascribe to every human being. But if the community of the faithful - the "body" of which they are an organic part - remembers them by contin­uing to treat them like those whom God sees as beloved children, then in a very real sense that community will be remembering those indi­viduals in the sense of bringing them back into the human community, refusing to let them be cast aside and forgotten. Once, when a lady found out that she had Alzheimer’s, she would often say to those close to her: “When I start forgetting, do not forget me!” Pastors are in a very critical position to facilitate this process of remembering these persons who are members of the Body of Christ, regardless if they are isolated in their homes or are distant from their home atmosphere and live in various special care units or healthcare institutions.”

Dr. Alexandros Papademetriou,

Professor,School of Medicine of the University of Thessalia, Neurologist

“Neurological Illnesses: Psychological and Spiritual Parameters”,

Conference of Rhodes 2008,  from the book “Therapeian Perosagondes”