“When you hear that, at that time, [Christ] redeemed souls from hades and performed a glorious task, do not think that all of that is far from your soul… He descends into two places:  into the depth of hades and into the depth of the heart where the soul is dominated by death and overtaken by many thoughts.  It is there that He brings out the dead Adam from the darkest depths [of the tomb].

So it is that the Lord comes into the depth of the heart of hades to the souls that seek Him, and there He commands death by saying: Set free the imprisoned souls that seek me; those that you hold by force. He then shatters the heavy rocks that cover and weigh down the soul; He opens the tombs, resurrects the one that truly is dead and brings the imprisoned soul out of its dark jail.  

Just as the body is close to the soul, thus is the Lord very close to us; He comes and opens the closed doors of our heart and grants us the richness of heaven.  For He is good and loves mankind and His promises are real, providing that we remain endlessly steadfast in seeking Him.”

Makarios the Egyptian
11th Spiritual Homily