The Hospital of Baloukli'

Home for the Elderly 
Psychiatric Clinic
Postal Addess: Balıklı Rum Hastanesi
Belegrad Kapı yolu. No 2
Zeytinburnu - Istanbul, Türkiye 



Hospital Chaplaincy:

“St. Spyridon” of Pancretan Venizelion Hospital

Iraklion, Tel: +30 2810.239502

“Evangelist Loukas” University General Hospital of Iraklion.

Tel:+30 2810.392761

Philanthropic Ministries:

Home for the Elderly “Apostolos Titos”

Tel: +30 2810.325227, Fax: +30 2810.321948.

The Holy Metropolis of Petra and Herronisou

Hospital Chaplaincy:

A dedicated Chaplain serves the Divine Liturgy from the Holy Church of “Agioi Anargyroi”, within the hospital grounds.

He also provides care to the Institute of Chronic Ailments of Lasithi, Crete and serves the Divine Liturgy from the Holy Church of “Agios Neomartys Georgiou Critos”, within the grounds of the Institute.

Philanthropic Ministries:

“Panagia Gerontissa” Home for the Elderly of Tzermiades.

It is directed by a Committee under the Presidency of His Eminence, Metropolitan of Petras and Herronisou. Tel: +30 28440-22650

Home for the Elderly

(non-profitable charter) of the Parish of “Agia Trias” (Holy Trinity) of the City of Agios Nikolaos, Lasithi, Crete.

The Holy Metropolis Gortyni and Arkadia

Philanthropic Ministries:

Home for the Elderly

Institutions of the Monastery of “Panagia Kalybianis”,
Tel. +30 28920-22151.

The Holy Metropolis of Kisamou and Selinou

Philanthropic Ministries:

“Agios Spyridon” Home for the Elderly

“-Annousakion Therapeutic In-Patient Clinic of Kisamos, Tel: +30 28220-22276

Physiotherapy Units:

1.Kisamou, Tel: +30 28220-22276, 
2.Voukolion, Tel: +30 28240-31722, 
3.Paleochoras, Tel: +30 28230-42350

Mobile Units of Home Care

1.Province of Kisamos and
2.Province of Selinou


The Holy Metropolis of Rhodes

Hospital Chaplaincy:

St Catharine’s Chapel: Old Hospital of Rhodes

Tel: +30 22410-22.222

St Catharine’s Chapel: New General Hospital of Rhodes

The Holy Metropolis of Kos and Nysiros

Hospital Chaplaincy:

A priest is officially assigned to serve the needs of the local hospital


The Holy Archdiocese of Thyateira and Great Britain

Health Care Chaplaincy:

Assigned priests serve the following hospitals:
Charing Cross, Chelsea and Westminster, Hammersmith, Central Middlesex, Ealing, West Middlesex and Hillingdon, Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children,
Middlesex, University College, North Middlesex and Whittington, Northwick Park & St. Mark's, Stanmore Orthopaedic, Harefield, Mount Vernon, and Clementine Churchill, North London Hospice, Cheltenham, Evensham and Reading.

The Hospitals are also visited by other Priest of Archdiocese.

Philanthropic Ministries:

Home for the Elderly “Christ, The Philanthropist”
Home for the Elderly “Apostolos Varnavas”

Postal Address: 22 Trinity Road, London N22 8LB. Tel. 020-8881 0541 and 2 Finsbury Road, London N22 8LB. Τηλ. 020-8888 0099. Supervision: The Right Reverend Athanasios, Bishop of Tropaiou

Other Private Homes for the Elderly

– Under the High Auspices and Protection of His Eminence Archbishop Gregorios of Thyateira and Great Britain:
1. Fernbank Nursing Home. Finchley Way, London N31AB. Tel: 020-8349 3426. Fax: 020-8349 4748. 
2. Anastasia Lodge. 10/14 Arundel Gardens, Winchmore Hill, London N21 3AD. Tel. and Fax: 020-8886 1034.
3. Eastcroft Nursing Home. 7 Woodmansterne Lane, Banstead, Surrey SM7 3EX. Tel. and Fax: 01737-357 962.
4. Bolters Corner Nursing Home. Bolters Lane, Banstead, Surrey SM7 2AB. Tel. and Fax: 01737-361 409.
5. Willow Lodge Nursing Home. 59 Burdon Lane, Cheam, Sutton, Surrey SM2 7BY. Tel. 020-8642 4117. Fax: 020-8642 7729.

The Holy Metropolis of France

Philanthropic Ministries:

Centre for the Elderly “Hippocrates”.

Postal Address: Chemin de la Croix Blanche. 92290 Châtenay-Malably. Telephone +33(0)


The Holy Archdiocese of America

Philanthropic Ministries:

Social Services Office

345 East 74th Street, New York, NY 10021. Tel: (212) 744-4774. 

St. Michael’s Home for the Elderly

3 Lehman Terrace, Yonkers, NY 10705
Tel: (914) 476-3374, Fax: (914) 476-1744. 
Διευθυντής: His Grace Bishop Antonios of Phasiani

The Holy Metropolis of Buenos Ayres

Philanthropic Ministries:

St. Dimitrios’ Home for the Elderly

Av. Ra΄ul Scalabrini Ortiz 1331, 1414 BsAs Argentina.Tel. + 54.11.4831.1752.

St. Nectarios Foundation for Autistic Children

Santiago, Chile. Av. Maraton 1670, Numoa, Stgo. Chile. Tel.: +562 238.2112.

The Holy Metropolis of Mexico

Philanthropic Ministries:

Home for the Elderly

Church of St. Marcus, Medellin
Iglesia Ortodoxa Griega de San Marcos. Postal Address: Carrera 81. No. 46-50, Medellin, Colombia.

Home for the Elderly

Chapel of St. Dimitrios, Cucuta
Capilla de San Demetrio. Postal Address: Avenida 11 No. 15-95, Barrio de Contento, Cucuta, Colombia.


Holy Archdiocese of Australia

Philanthropic Ministries:

Homes for the Elderly

St. Basil’s Homes - Hospitals for the Elderly

Learn more about St. Basil's Home


The Holy Metropolis of Hong Kong

Philanthropic Ministries:


Clinic and Dental Care Office of Bakesware. Additionally 7 more clinics are in operation.


During the 19th and early 20th centuries, in a series of wars with the Ottomans, Greece enlarged its boundaries to include the ethnic Greek population of the northern provinces of Greece, and certain islands of the Aegean. These lands are known as the “New Lands” of Greece. The administration of the Metropolises of these “lands”, which was under Ecumenical Throne, was delegated to the Autocephalous Orthodox Church of Greece by Synodical Decision of the Ecumenical Patriarchate on the 4th of September 1928. Spiritually, though, they remain under the Ecumenical Patriarchate.

The Holy Metropolis of Alexandroupolis

Philanthropic Ministries:

“Agios Nectarios” Parish Home

Postal Address: Avantos Street, 681 00 Alexandroupolis, Tel: + 30 25510-21.200. 
St. Nectarios’ Parish Home, Ioakeimion Home for the Elderly which also hosts an Orthopedic Clinic for Handicapped Children, Postal Adress: 18 Velissariou Street, 681 00 Alexandroupolis, Greece, Tel: +30 25510-28.022.

Stavridion Eccleciastical Institute for Chronic Illness “Agios Kyprianos”.

Postal Address: 9th Km Makris, 681 00 Alexandroupolis, Tel: +30 25510-71.500, 71.117.

The Holy Metropolis of Veroia and Naousa

Philanthropic Ministries:

Ecclesiastical Home for the Elderly of Veroia.

Postal Address: 591 00 Veroia, Tel: +30 23310-24.891, 23.322.


Ecclesiastical Home for the Elderly of Naousa.

Postal Address: Railway Station Crossing, 592 00 Naousa, Tel: +30 23320-42.530, 42.540.

The Holy Metropolis of Grevena

Philanthropic Ministries:

“St. Achillios” Home for the Elderly.

Postal Address: 511 00 Grevena, Tel: +30 24620-22.505.

The Holy Metropolis of Dryinoupoleos, Pogonianis and Konitsas

Philanthropic Ministries:

“Theotokos” Home for the Elderly.

Postal Address: 441 00 Konitsa, Tel: +30 26550-22.348.

The Holy Metropolis of Thessaloniki

Philanthropic Ministries:

Infirmary operating inside the boarding school of St. Antonios.

Postal Address: 4 Dim. Margariti Street, 546 21, Thessaloniki. 
A staff of psychologists and social workers support special young people with special psychological difficulties.

Chariseion Home for the Elderly (boarding of 210 persons),

Tel: +30 2310-913.310, 5435 52, Thessaloniki.

The Holy Metropolis of Ierissos, Holy Mount and Ardameriou

Philanthropic Ministries:

Home for the Elderly of “Panagia of Akathistou”.

Tel: +30 23720-22 938.

The Holy Metropolis of Ioannina

Philanthropic Ministries:

“ Zosimadon” Home for the Elderly (boarding of 100 persons).

Holy Metropolis of Kassandrias

Philanthropic Ministries:

Home for the Elderly of “Panagia Koryfini” at Nea Moudania.

The Holy Metropolis of Kastoria

Philanthropic Ministries:

Home for the Elderly of “Lazarus and Athina L. Rizou”

(Tel: +30 24670- 83 448).

The Holy Metropolis of Kitrus

Philanthropic Ministries:

Home for the Elderly of the Holy Metropolis of Svorono,
Ecclesiastical Home for the Elderly of Katerini.

Tel: + 30 2351030074. Founded in 1963 by His Late Eminence Metropolitan of Kitrus Barnabas Tzortzatou with its legal status recognized by the Greek State. It only cares for women and has a capacity of 35 bed.

First Aid Medical Station and Social Support Unit of Katerini in cooperation with the Greek Red Cross.

The Holy Metropolis of Lagada

Philanthropic Ministries:

Home for the Elderly of Lagada.

Postal Address: 25 Alexander The Great. Tel: +30 23940- 24 360.

The Holy Metropolis of Mithymnis

Philanthropic Ministries:

Blood Bank of the Holy Church of “The Agia Trias” (Holy Trinity)

Postal Address: 811 09 Stipsi, Lesvos, Tel: +30 22530-91.270

Home for the Elderly of the Holy Monastery of Limonos (boarding 14 persons).

The Holy Metropolis of Mytilini

Philanthropic Ministries:

Home for the Elderly of Mytilini

Tel: +30 22510-22.477.

Asylum for the Incurable Illnesses ‘Mother of God” (“Theomitor”) of Ayiasos

Postal Address: 811 01 Ayiasos, Tel: +30 22520-22.234.

The Holy Metropolis of Neapolis and Stavroupolis

Hospital Chaplaincy:

Assigned priests are assigned to the hospitals of:
Papageorgiou , Papanikolaou, Gen. Psychiatiric Hos.


Philanthropic Ministries:

Blood Bank Office

Postal Address: 567 28 Neapolis, Tel: +30 2310-611.129.

The Holy Metropolis of Nea Kryni and Kalamaria

Philanthropic Ministries:

“Kreouzios” Home for the Elderly in Kalamaria.

The Holy Metropolis of Nikoplis and Preveza

Philanthropic Ministries:

“Potamianion – Balkion” Home for the Elderly

Postal Address: Polytechnic and Cyprus Street, 48100 Preveza, Tel: +30 26820-22.304

The Holy Metropolis of Xanthi

Philanthropic Ministries:

Infirmary “Pnoe” housed within the premises of the Holy Metropolis Cathedral of “Timios Prodromos” (St. John the Baptist).

Postal Address: 671 00 Xanthi, Tel: +30 25410-23.943.

Blood Bank Unit.

Postal Address: 671 00 Xanthi, Tel: +30 25410-70.488.

Psychological Center for difficult to adapt Children.

Postal Address: 671 00 Chrysa, Xanthi, Tel: +30 25410-25.182.

The Holy Metropolis of Samos and Ikaria

Philanthropic Ministries:

“Evgirias Pronoia” Home for the Elderly at Karlovasi (boarding 40 persons).
“Stegi tis Panagias” Home for the Elderly of St. Kyrikos, Ikaria.

The Holy Metropolis of Serbia and Kozani.

Philanthropic Ministries:

“Tialion” Home for the Elderly of “Agios Panteleimon” in Kozani (boarding 50 persons),

Tel: +30 24610-31834.

Voluntary Blood Donation Station,

Postal Address: 501 00 Kozani, Tel: +30 24610-21044.

The Holy Metropolis of Sidirokastron.

Philanthropic Ministries:

Home for the Elderly “Agios Nektarios”.

Postal Address: 623 00 Sidirokastron, Tel: +30 23230-22.396.

The Holy Metropolis of Sisani and Siatista

Philanthropic Ministries:

Home for the Elderly Women.

Postal Address: 503 00 Mikrokastron, Tel: +30 24650-71.307.

The Holy Metropolis of Philippon, Neapolis and Thasos

Philanthropic Ministries:

“Agia Anthousa” Home for the Elderly of Kavala.

Tel: +30 25910-23.381

Institute for the Chronic Illness.

Postal Address: 64 200 Chrysoupolis, 
Tel: +30 25910-23.381. 

Holy Metropolis of Florina, Prespes and Eordaia

Philanthropic Ministries:

“Avgoustineion” Home for the Elderly of Florina.

Postal Address: 531 00 Florina, Tel: +30 23850-28.863