Special Announcement 20.2.2013

Special Announcement 20.2.2013

March 20, 2013
Call of Help
from the
Annousakio Therapeutic Centre of Holy Metropolis of Kisamos and Selino

Taking into consideration the tragic financial conditions that have caused many difficulties in the health services of our Center, we have taken the initiative in appealing to associations and organizations of the public and the private sector of Greek society in Greece and abroad in order to kindly request the donation of any quantity of medicines that can be to be offered to us. We hope in everyone’s positive response because we believe that the Greek ideals of our people were always the fortitude that made our nation stand up to many difficult times over the centuries. 

              On behalf of Annousakio Therapeutic Centre of Holy Metropolis of Kisamos and Selino which is a non-profit institution, we would like to inform to you that we have 85 patients under our care who suffer from chronic diseases, also suffering from serious financial and social conditions.

            As a certified health provider of EOPYY (National Health System), our Institution is obliged to pay one hundred percent of the cost of the retail price of medicines, without the participation of the patients’ insurance. This has been complicated by the fact that the previous debts owed to us by the organisation of ΟΓΑ (Insurance of the Organization of Agriculture) have been officially been written off and will not be given to our institution because of the financial crisis. It is also an added burden that Annousakio Center has to cover the cost of any medical examination for its patients on a daily basis.

            In terms of its social mission to the community the Institution runs two Home Help Programs which in total help take care of 350 families in Kisamos and Selino. In addition to that, four physiotherapy centers provide specialized services in Kisamos, Voukolies, Kantano and Paleochora. Because of the constantly increasing number of victims of the economic crisis, the Institution organizes volunteer aid to any vulnerable social group by providing them with clothing, food, medicine (no’s’) and free medical examination.

            Having described the social mission of our institution and the difficulties in carrying out our mission during the present crisis, we ask that you, with genuine Christian solidarity, assist us in our efforts to gather medicines and other useful materials for our patients and our therapeutic community.

                                                      Yours Sincerely

                                             The Administrative Director

                                                      Reverend Aretakis Antonios

Kisamos 20-3-2013