The latest activities by Annousakeio Hospital of the Holy Metropolis of Kisamou and Selinou Crete

November 5, 2012

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The latest activities by Annousakeio Hospital of the Holy Metropolis of Kisamou and Selinou Crete

Playing an important role in society and in the region of Chania, the Annousakeio Hospital of Kisamou organizes community services and undertakes urgent social needs and problems.
Here are a few of the community projects conducted during 2012:

Campaign Against Violence in Schools

  • The purpose of the campaign was to inform and raise awareness in a phenomenon that has reached alarming proportions today. It is a specialized intervention program by members of APHCA (Society for Psychosocial Health of Children and Adolescents)
  • A telephone support line was formed where psychologists - consultants were available to the students of the first and second Kisamou School and Gymnasium Voukolies. Head of Communications of APHCA developed themes for violence through visual effects, film screening and discussions with the students of three elementary schools in Kisamou.
  • The intervention was completed by organizing workshops for teachers, teachers and parents on "Bullying and violence at school - Cyber Bullying" with speakers from the Society for Psychosocial Health of Children and Adolescents and the Union of Medical Specialties EU Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.

Opening of the Hospital Wing for Patients with Dementia 

  • On the eve of Saint Therapon on May 13, 2012 the Annousakeio Foundation celebrated the inauguration of the Department of Rehabilitation for patients with dementia at Annousakeio Hospital.  Special facilities will now meet the needs of patients suffering from any form of dementia and other psycho syndromes. Patients can coexist with other patients in newly organized and renovated space and a new healthcare practices.  
  • The aim is to relieve families from caring for individuals with dementia, the education of patients by maintaining their active participation in meeting their basic daily needs for as long as possible and to enhance the capacity of their memory in order to delay and to restrain the progression of the disease. A cooperation between medical supervision, nursing and physiotherapy services as well as, creative activities offer these patients complete daily care. 

Roundtable topic «The Care of Patients with severe terminal disease in the community and in   the hospital: Data, dilemmas, Solutions." 

  • The Physicians Union of Crete in collaboration with the Medical Society of Chania organized a forum in Chania on May 30, 2012. Ms. Stefania Schetaki, Head of Nursing at Annousakeio Foundation, spoke regarding the subjected theme: "The Local Experience of Hospice Patients and Elderly Patients With Dementia."  The aim was to inform health professionals, by sharing of experiences in an effort to improve the care and quality of life for individuals with dementia.  

Medical Examinations and Information Community                 

  • On September 10, 2012 the Annousakeio Foundation organized an informative session at the HMC Faldameio Auditorium with speaker Doctor Urologist Mr. Dimitrios Glariti, who spoke on "Benign prostatic hyperplasia in men and incontinence in women”.
  • The purpose of the session was to inform the community about prevention and the importance of timely medical examinations for common health problems that may occur with time.
  • Free medical services were provided to the residents of the area. 

Employment Program for Unemployed

  • The Annousakeio Foundation in agreement with the Partnership Entities of Chania, have implemented programs to create jobs within the workplace.
  • The Foundation recruited nine individuals as caregivers and escorts who participate in recreational and educational activities as well as, the daily care of residents of the Foundation.  

The program and the caregivers are supervised, supported and guided by the Social Services of the Foundation and the management team leaders.  

Meals of Love 

  • In a ongoing  effort  to meet the growing needs of the vulnerable groups in the wider region of the community (the unemployed, senior citizens, the homeless and economic migrants), The Holy Metropolis of Kisamou and Selinou in cooperation with the Annousakeio Foundation have accomplished:

1,500 servings of food on a weekly basis
6,000 servings per month
72,000 a year