Annousakeio Foundation of the Holy Metropolis of Kissamos and Selino


The Annousakeio Foundation of the Holy Metropolis of Kissamos and Selino in the context of trans-national cooperation with partners and counterparts and supporters  from abroad for the past nine years have been developing activities  within European dimension in the field of health and elderly care.
Through the European program Leonardo Da Vinci, joint activities are established each year with the educational institutions: Horten Videregaende Skole, Bjorkelangen Videregaende Skole, Strommen Videregaende skole in Norway and De la Gardie Gymnasium of Lidkoping from Sweden. Under such cooperation, groups of students from these countries take part in practical sessions for three weeks in the field of nursing particularly in health care of the elderly.  They also have the opportunity to participate in a cultural program to familiarize themselves with the tradition and culture of the location. On the Greek side, the groups are guests in the partner countries, with the intention of guiding them through a different provisional system and the exchanging knowledge and expertise.

The Apprenticeship program Leonardo Da Vinci promotes the project entitled 'Opening doors' in collaboration with the' Department of Upper Secondary Education, Vestfold County Council of Norway. From 2004, two nursing graduates gain work experience in Annousakeio Foundation, for three months each year to strengthen their skills in the care of elderly. During their stay they enjoy cultural events, to have a broader social understanding of our country.
The 'Quality in the exchange programs' with the endorsement of the Leonardo Da Vinci program, will run from 2008 – 2010. Participating are 5 countries: Norway, France, Germany, Italy and Greece. Within the framework of the program a printed manual will be developed in order to define the necessary high standard criteria required for the successful operation of exchange program in education, employment and work experience through five seminars.
The Congress of the European Network of elderly Care, September 25th -26th 2008 organized by the ecclesiastical institution 'Evangelishes Johannesstift', organized activities within and outside of Germany. Delegations from the following countries attended: Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Austria, Norway, Sweden, Estonia, Czech Republic and Greece. The proposed innovative actions of ministry announced the next annual meeting in Switzerland. Individual partnerships have developed over the last two years with counterparts from Austria and Belgium.