Care in a COVID Era: Unity & Truth in Uncertain Times

Care in a COVID Era: Unity & Truth in Uncertain Times

We are looking forward to the OCAMPR In-Person and Virtual Conference next month!

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Check out the presentation topics:

  • Special Interprofessional Panel: “Covid and the Church”
  • Diaconal Post-COVID Rescue Response
  • A Christian Ending to Our Lives: An Exploration of Death Anxiety and the COVID-19 Pandemic Within Orthodox Christianity
  • Treating Children and Adolescents during the Pandemic
  • Healing of the Person from Theological & Psychological Perspectives: Are they Compatible?
  • Pathway to Peace
  • EMDR: Treating Trauma and being Trauma-Informed as an Orthodox Christian
  • The Mental Health Task Force: Identifying and Responding to the Needs of the Church
  • Learning to See in Covid (and non-Covid) Hospital Rooms: A Chaplain Resident’s Perspective
  • The Way of the Warrior Saint
  • The Role of Mystery in COVID Care
  • The Paranoia of a Vaccinated Body (of Christ)
  • Healthy Self Esteem Through an Orthodox Christian Lens
  • Continuing Bonds & Life After Death Beliefs
  • COVID in the Mission Field of the Orthodox Church
  • An Unexpected Tomorrow: Picking up the Pieces After a Suicide
  • Spinning Straw Into Gold
  • What the 12 Steps and Trauma Can Teach About the Spiritual Journey
  • Paranoia in the Church in the Time of COVID
  • The Orthodox Church and the Mental Health Burden of a Pandemic
  • Building a Culture of Care: Contextualizing Research with ~900 Missionaries to Orthodox Clergy and Church Workers

Join us for a time of learning, prayer, and fellowship!