Invitation for Panagia Philanthropini in Ormylia, Halkidiki

Sunday 15 March 2009 at 12:00 in Ormylia Foundation - Center

”Panagia Philanthropini” in Ormylia, Halkidiki to participate at the  event on health education and information to the rural population for measures to protect against avian influenza, organized in cooperation with the Institute “Prolipsis”. The keynote speaker will be Dr. Athena Linou, Associate Professor of Athens Medical School and Vice President of the National Medicines Agency

The Workshop will be comprised of relative lectures and discussions with Dr. Linou and associates in small group presentations. The Participants will have the opportunity to express their concerns directly to the doctors and scientists.

Our desire is to create dialogue with the participants thus making the meeting a useful educational experience.

Enclosed is the official invitation on behalf of the Institute «Prolipsis».
Your presence will be our great pleasure and honor.

Dr. Athena Linou, Associate Professor of Medical School of Athens: «The importance of prevention»
Dr.  Elena Riza, Scientific Officer of the Medical School, Epidemiologist:
«Health Risks for Farmers, fishermen and farmers»
Dr. Agoritsa Baka, Pediatrician: «Avian Influenza»
Dr.  Eleni Patrozou, Infectious Diseases: «Adult Vaccinations and Infections Prevention»

Kyriakos S. Antoniou
Director of the Center «Panagia Philanthropini»