Pastoral Healthcare

One of the most important ministries of the Church throughout its history has been providing spiritual care to the sick. The Ecumenical Patriarchate has always being sensitive to the needs of this ministry from the years of the Byzantine Empire up until now. Its clergy are active in providing pastoral care to the ill, both on a parish level and in specialized facilities.  read more...

Pastoral Thought of the Week

February 7, 2016

Let us not beg for love

“Whatever we do—prayer, counsel, direction—let us do it with love. Without love, prayer does not benefit; counsel wounds; direction does harm and destroys the other who can feel if we love him or do not love him. For, he will react accordingly...

Let us disperse love to everyone without self-interest, without being concerned with their attitude. When the grace of God comes within us, we will not care if they love us or not, or if they talk to us with kindness. We will feel the need to love them all. It is egotistic for us to want the others to talk to us with kindness. Let not the opposite grieve us. Let us allow the others to talk to us the way they want. Let us not beg for love. Our objective is to love and to pray with all of our soul for them. Then we will notice that everyone will love us without us pursuing it, without us begging for their love. They will love us freely and honestly from the bottom of their hearts without us forcing them. When we love without seeking that they will love us, we will gather everyone near us like bees. That holds for all of us.”  

Saint Porphyrios the Kapsokalyvite